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Email Marketing Tips – Is Your Email List Dead?

Are you burning your list out? Watch the video below to learn more about this common error that most marketers make, how to avoid it and how to breath new life into your list.

What Successful People Know about team member transformations

Inner growth = success

Often time we get caught up in the pursuit of success and we don’t take a step back to appreciate the personal growth of those people around us. As a team leader I promise you that you will feel more fulfilled with seeing the transformations of your team members as you would just about anything else

The Secrets of Successful keyword research

Keyword research tips and hacks:

Often times people become overly obsessed with keyword research and trying to determine the exact keyword to target.

The Science of building a team: How to Achieve Results Fast

The Science of building a team: How to Achieve Results Fast

As network marketers we all have a dream, a dream of building a large team, a team that duplicates, a team so large and successful that no one can stop it from duplicating. This is a dream that could become a little easier if the strategies in this blog post is applied during the building faze.

ZynTravel Review – Just another mlm or something more?

ZynTravel Review – Just another MLM or something more?   Hey thanks for stopping by to check out my ZynTravel Continue Reading

How to generate leads for any business on the internet.

To generate leads for your business you need a blog! VERY IMPORTANT

The days of having a static website have long come and gone. Google loves blog post because they are constantly being updated with relevant content that people are searching for. You see googles algorithm is designed to make the user online experience as fun and informative as possible. So how does this help you and how can you capitalize on this trend? Simple, post daily, weekly, bi weekly post on your blog relevant to the customer that you are trying to attract.

Why i joined Empower Network and the affect it has had on my life.

Back in early 2013 I was running a small roofing company with offices in 3 different states.  From the outside Continue Reading

Inspirational Morning Motivation Videos

We all have our daily rituals. We wake up, have a cup of coffee, brush our teeth, jump in the shower and get ready for the day. We spend most of our morning wishing we were still in bed, mid morning comes and goes and we can’t wait for lunch to roll around so that we can just relax and have some quiet time.

Some real nice quality me time, you know what i’m talking about.
I’m talking about that sough after feeling where every fiber in your being is totally relaxed, during this time you have no bills, no boss, there is no traffic, no stress, no deadlines.

Then a coworker decides to invite you for lunch. Not being rude, you accept and you are excited about taking your mind of work.

You place your order, get your food and then it happens!

Your coworker starts talking business, inner office gossip, complaining about management etc. you indulge him/her and join in on the festive negative conversation without even giving it a second thought!

Oh crap, lunch is over and your still not back to the office. Your stress level jumps through the roof, suddenly there is even more traffic as you try and make it back to the office before your boss/manager that you just discussed in detail finds out.

Lucky for you most senior level employees had a working lunch meeting and you make it back to your cubical just in time.

You grab another cup of coffee because you can feel every fiber in your body trying to shut down. “No time for sleep now you are at work” you tell yourself. For the next few hours you try and be productive but your lunch buddy keeps on popping in with the latest inner office breaking news report.

Closing time: You rush to your car, only to sit in traffic for an hour due to a fender bender (how inconsiderate of them) don’t they know that you have places to be!

You get home and as soon as you walk in the door your significant other starts telling you what needs to be accomplished. 2 Hours later you are finally free of all daily activities all that is left to do is have some dinner and watch some mind numbing television show before heading of to bed.

Imagine (Nails on a chalk board) ALARM SCREAMING IT’S GO TIME!


This is how most people live their lives! They never take any “TRUE” time for themselves. No wonder the pharmaceutical companies are raking in record setting profits, they have 10’s of millions of walking dead zombies to help escape their mind numbing, spiritual destroying daily rituals!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you tired of living in a constant rush with not enough hours in a day?

Good for you!

Here is the secret to living a more successful, productive, happier, more relaxed life!

Step 1: Wake up 15 minutes earlier every morning.
Step 2: Grab your favorite morning drink (i love my keurig coffee)
Step 3: Listen to one of the videos listed below every morning.


Only you, your drink and once of these videos.

Trust me, do this for 1 week and you will start feeling totally different, you will start dreaming like you used to when you where a child. You will start seeing possibilities all around you.

Even work will become more tolerable! Your crazy negative co worker has to go though, start limiting your time as best you can within their negative energy.